Fishing in Costa Rica

Our Crew

The Skipper

Captain Randall Garcia

Captain Randall Garcia. Captain of the Go Fish since June 2015, Randall has been fishing professionally in Costa Rica for over 18 years. He grew up fishing in Guanacaste on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, but Los Sueños has been is home port for the past 10 years due to its fishing diversity and consistency of fishing quality. Randall has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience of both inshore and offshore fishing on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

He is professional, friendly and fully bi-lingual. He is considered one of the top Costa Rican anglers, with hook up ratios second to none, and does an excellent job assisting guests in fine-tuning their angling skills. He is comfortable with guests of all skill levels.

The crew

They are those hard working guys who serve drinks, lunch and snacks, rig up the tackle and baits, leaders the billfish or gaffs and cleans your dinner fish, changes the music and ultimately washes and cleans the boat. The boat crew, selected and trained by the skipper, are competent in handling the boat and fishing techniques. The Captain and crew have a long working relationship from previous boats and work hard for their daily gratuities which are most if not all of there income from the boat. 20% gratuity (based on the daily boat rate of $1395) is normal and customary for a job well done. Thank you!

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Phone: ++1-425-736-8920 (US)
++506-4001-8430 (Costa Rica)