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Fishing is a year-round activity here at Los Sueños and there really isn't a bad time of year to come fish with us. We offer a range of Sport fishing trips to suit every blue water angling style and taste. Our charter boats are located in the beautiful Los Sueños Marina and we offer both inshore and offshore full day and half day sport fishing charters.

Our fishing year is basically divided into two different seasons, Dry Season and Green Season. Our fishing styles vary depending on these seasons but there is no shortage of fish during either season.

The dry season generally begins at the beginning of December and runs through the end of April. Our full day trips at this time of year are usually focused on big Sailfish, Marlin and other pelagic s. Billfish are the target species of most visiting anglers to Costa Rica and they are seldom disappointed at this time of year although Sailfish and Marlin are caught and released throughout the year.

The green season runs from May to November and our full day trips come with the option of running offshore and targeting Sailfish and Dorado or chasing Wahoo, Rooster-fish, Cubera Snapper and other inshore species in and around the rocky islands of the Gulf of Nicoya.


On full day trips our day begins with a run offshore to record class blue water to target Pacific Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo. We usually use bait and switch techniques by trolling artificial teasers, dead baits, stick-baits and lures.

Alternatively we can cast poppers to schools of Tuna or target bottom dwelling species with vertical jigs or bait. Many of our multiple tackle techniques target many species at once and will often result in double hook-ups.


Costa Rica offers some of the best inshore sport fishing in the world. Along the Central Pacific coast from Cabo Blanco to Quepos the inshore fishing is mainly around rocky islands, headlands, reefs, river mouths and estuaries, offering very diverse inshore fishing grounds. The main target of these trips is typically Cubera Snapper, Grouper, Rooster-fish and an assortment of other Snappers, Jacks and Mackerel. While slowly working these rocky shorelines we are simultaneously slow-trolling live baits, casting poppers and dropping jigs.

Due to the short duration and limited range during half days we do not actively target Billfish. That is not to say they are not caught during half day trips but, they are an infrequent catch therefore if you desire to catch a Sailfish or Marlin we ask that you please consider a full day trip.

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We use circle hooks when fishing dead or live baits for Billfish and other game-fish species. We release all Billfish and Rooster fish revived and alive per Costa Rica conservation laws. The fact of the matter is, that when circle hooks are properly fished, hook-up ratios and post release survival rates of fish increase dramatically. The most difficult aspect of fishing circle hooks is teaching new users the intricacies of getting a good hook set. We are more than willing to teach you how to effectively fish circle hooks for Billfish and inshore species utilizing both live and dead bait. We do not remove Billfish or Roosterfish from the water. You may see an occassional old photo on our site but we no longer practice this.

The option of bringing home a Dorado, Tuna or Snapper or other sport fish for the table is up to the fishermen but we would recommend not over harvesting if the bite is "wide open".


Fishing Seasons

Marlin: : September through November is normally the top months for Marlin in this area, but action is also good in May and June. Occasional Blues and a rare Black are likely to be found anytime of year.

Sailfish: December to the end of April is rated the very best season, but the big schools can often move in as early as October. A few Sails always show up among the catch from June through September, mixed with the other species that are found during those months.

Tuna: Found throughout the year as they are all along the Pacific coast, but most abundant from about June through September. Most are the 8 to 12 pounders, but a dozen or more over 200 pounds and maybe another two dozen in the 100 to 200-pound range are taken every year.

Roosterfish: Fishing for this hard-hitting inshore species is little short of incredible with the best spots off the river mouths and the rocky drop-offs. Exceptional in the Gulf of Nicoya and at the mouth of the Parrita River; Palo Seco between Parrita and Damas; and off the mouth of the Naranjo River. Best fishing is during the summer months, from June through early September.

Mahi (Dorado): Found throughout the year but the rains that start in late May and wash debris from the river mouths, creating the inshore trash lines that the Dorado like to lie under can promote a lot of action.

Types Of Fishing

Our typical trolling set-up for Sailfish and Marlin consists of running four, five or even six lines. On our boats, two or more of the lines would be run from outriggers as hook less teasers; the others are often flat lines and may or may not contain hooks depending on the method being employed.

The Billfish are first attracted to the boat - or more accurately to the combination of sound from the engines, the wash from the props and the bubble trail caused by teasers and the hull itself. It is the general commotion of all of the above that first attracts the Sailfish and Marlin - perhaps they connect it in some way to the commotion that occurs when bait fish balls form and in particular when they are under attack......but once "raised" to the spread, the natural predatory instincts then start to take over - and they look for a target.

"Everything was great. Josh was a really good mate and also very accommodating in terms of getting us food and drinks. Captains Geraldo and Caesar were also good at putting us on the fish and they seem like good people as well. Sandwiches and burritos were good and the cinnamon bread the first day was the bomb, by the way. We all had a good time and you guys put together a good charter trip."
John Sulser, Fort Lauderdale


Amongst our variety of fishing styles, we offer a large number of jigging options, in both deep and shallow water using everything from 500g metal jigs (1.1lb) to 50g (2 oz) soft plastics. If you want to target massive Tuna there are few better places than jigging the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

We also target big Jack Crevalle, Amberjacks, Cubera Snapper, Groupers, Roosterfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo by jigging. This style of fishing allows for a real mixed bag approach, where you often never know what you will catch next. We use and supply Penn Battle 8000 reels and OTI Jigging Rods on our trips. This style of fishing has a massive appeal to people of all ages and fishing backgrounds.


We have a large variety of Offshore and Inshore species for the fly fishing enthusiast. Fly fishing for billfish is without a doubt the best bite in the business! It is an adrenaline rush to see a "lit up Sailfish" race in close and snatch the fly.

Offshore billfish and other saltwater species are usually attracted to the fly by "teasing" the fish to the boat by trolling a spread of large hook-less lures. Billfish are most often caught using this method. The IGFA rules state that you can tease fish within casting distance with a trolled lure but, you must cast to and hook your fish with a fly while the boat is out of gear.

Saltwater species sought and caught with fly tackle include: Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Roosterfish and Marlin.

Inshore Saltwater Species can be attracted by live-chumming or casting big hook-less plugs of the type used by peacock bass fisherman in the Amazon. However, saltwater fish can also be caught with "Streamers," surface flies similar to those used for freshwater fishing, though much larger.


We aim to offer the best Popper fishing available anywhere. If you are interested in catching big Tuna, we can take you to the best destinations, at the right time of year and give you a chance of landing some of the biggest tuna on heavy spinning tackle anywhere in the world. The variety of sportfishing action is impressive, to say the least. Other species available on poppers, plugs and stickbaits include big Roosterfish, Dorado, Grouper, Wahoo, Jack Crevalle, Sailfish and many more.


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